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Apple iPhone X 2017 Coming Soon With OLED Display – Rumors

Latest news of Apple: “Apple iPhone X 2017 Coming Soon With OLED Display”. iPhone’s are a dream come true for every gadget freak and the substitution for these high-end phones with cutting edge technology is nowhere to be found. And with all the news making rounds about what might be coming in the next edition of the iPhone, no rival seems to give stand even close to Apple in the competition.

Can you think of a smartphone with wrap around screen, facial sensor technology, wireless charging technology and a dynamic name like “Apple iPhone X”? Yes, you read that right and if this comes true with the next iPhone, it will surely be a treat for all the loyal customers of the franchise.

Timothy Arcuri, an analyst at Cowen and Company wrote a research note to his company’s investors in which he apparently projected the impact of one of the president-elect’s favorite descriptor and referred it to using the Apple iPhone X moniker. Later on, the note was provided to both the Business Insider and Apple Insider.

Apple iPhone X 2017 OLED Display

Apple iPhone X 2017 Coming Soon With OLED Display - Rumors
Apple iPhone X 2017 Coming Soon With OLED Display – Rumors

Further, he also claimed with the information from sources within Apple’s supply chain, 2017 will have a “feature-rich launch” highlighted by a new 5.8” model, the Apple iPhone X. Another feature it might include is the OLED display using the same fixed flex screen tech found on some Samsung devices because it is reported that Samsung will be the exclusive supplier of the new displays.

The front facing camera, the earpiece and fingerprint sensor could be embedded directly into the display to make more room for even more space for a true edge-to-edge screen. Arcuri, while rounding out the new features is an unspecified form of facial and/or gesture recognition tech also speculated about a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera. Even though the specs are highly exciting, there is no evidence to back up the claims made by the reports.

Arcuri’s note was mostly about speculations than any real documented information, but most of the claims made in the note fit along with the rest of the rumor cycle. Apple has long stuck in the boring-but-dependable zone of the smartphone industry and these specs point towards the company taking the next flagship.

The first of iPhone towards a bold and cutting edge new design can begin at the least with changing from LCD to OLED, curving edges and ditching bezels in its 2017 release. Share your thought about to Apple iPhone X 2017 below in comments.

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