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Top 10 best upcoming 5G smartphone 2017

Top 10 best upcoming 5G smartphone 2017

Smartphones are the mobile phones, which are ruling the whole world with their technologies. They can be used to communicate with the people in and around the world either through calls or messages. The calls can be either the voice calls or video calls. The messages can be sent through SMS, otherwise via internet application. There are many applications are developed, in order to chat with the people. Nowadays, the network plays a vital role and people also moving with the technologies. The people in the world want the top best phones with the new upcoming networks. Network have gone from  1G to 5G. The 5G is going to 40 times greater than the 4G.

The upcoming top 10 5G smartphones

10. OnePlus 5:

Successor of 3plus is going to onePlus 5, there is no onePlus 4. As per the rumor, the specification of onePlus 5 will have 4000mah, the RAM will be 6 – 8 GB. Then the camera will be 16 MP back and 8 MP front. The features of this phone will have the fingerprint, waterproof. Snapdragon 835 will be used as a processor.

9. LG G6:

This device will be launched at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The LG G6 Smartphone will come with the dual rear camera of 21 MP plus 12 MP, which is capable of 4K video recording, 8MP front camera and video calling. It will have a QHD display of 2460 X 1440 pixels and size of 5.1 or 5.5 inches.

8. HTC 11:

HTC performs a great going in recent months and now next Smartphone HTC 11 will be focused by the HTC Company. This new upcoming Smartphone will have 5.2 inches full HD super LCD5 capacitive touchscreen display with the quad HD resolution pixel of 2560 X 1440.

7. Sony Xperia C6:

The right successor of Sony Xperia C6 is coming soon. The screen display will be expected to the less bezel of 6 inches FHD, which will provide a very good viewing experience. It is powered by the 4GB RAM and features of front camera 16 MP, rear camera 20 MP and snapdragon of 820 processor.

6. Xiaomi Mi 6:

Nowadays, Xiaomi phones are expected by the people. The Mi6 is expected with the processor of Snapdragon 820, the battery of 4200mah battery. This mobile is going to come with the power of 8GB RAM. The camera pixel will be back 21 and the front will be 13.

5. Xiaomi Mi7:

It will be the successor of Mi6.  Mi Series are cheaper compared to others. The phone will have 4Gb RAM, a processor of Snapdragon 820 is used. The back camera will have 25MP and the front will be 8MP. The sleek design with the security.

4. Microsoft surface phone:

This upcoming Smartphone will be the biggest flagship from the Company. It will sport quad HD screen resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixel and an amazing part of the camera section in a pure view of 21 MP with the Zeiss 6 lens and front camera of 8 MP with the Zeiss wide angle lens. The specification of this Smartphone is 8GB RAM, 64 or 128 GB internal memory and 4000 mAh battery.

3. Samsung Galaxy x (Foldable phone):

This phone can be folded. The processor of snapdragon 830 is used. The phone is going to be water and dust resistance. The RAM of the phone is 6GB. The phone can be folded in the center.

2. Apple iPhone8:

iPhone 8 series is going to come in the next few months. The eighth series comes with the battery power of 3000mah and fingerprint scanner is added. The rear camera will be 16 MP and the front will be 8 MP. The operating system is upgraded to 11.0 and 4GB RAM. It will be 5G network supported.

1. Samsung galaxy S8:

The Samsung galaxy edge S8 Edge is the upcoming smartphone in 2017. Still, the specifications are not well known, but it is expected to have three side edge instead of two. The RAM will be 6GB, then the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is expected as of now. It will be a 5G supported network.

The above mentioned are the latest and upcoming 5G smartphones that are expected to hit stores and set the revolution in technology in a continuous stream. Yet, many information is just speculations and one has to wait, till official announcements arrive from the company end regarding all the features and specifications of the smartphones.

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